Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life's good in Canada, eh?

Hi! Greetings from the land of maple trees and tulips! I am in Canada right now (Toronto to be exact) and i just got back from a short trip to Banff. Honestly, I am a little tired. But it's the only free time i got before i pack for home so, yeah.

Most of my Toronto pictures are shared in Facebook as they happen. Yes, i am very much online everytime my phone gets internet connection so you pretty much know about the things that happened to me in Toronto such as:

1. Seeing snow for the very first time!
2. Shopping like a crazy person at H&M.
3. Watching my favorite TV shows at my aunt's basement.
4. Eating a variety of cuisines. Read: chinese, japanese, malaysian, korean, italian, vietnamese, american.
5. Being a bridesmaid.
6. Finishing 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
7. Grocery shopping at Costco and Walmart.
8. Riding the bus and subway.
9. Tryin' out Tim Horton's (and realizing that its french vanilla latte tastes exactly like that cup of coffee sold at 7-11!).
10. Catching up with old friends.

I've travelled a lot in my lifetime. But this is THE most exciting travel I've had so far (..and my last as a single woman!). So with that, let me just cite some tips.. things I've learned when travelling.

Travel tips from JKA:
1. Dress for the "occasion". You will enjoy things better if you're dressed right.
2. Take lots and lots of photos! In time, because of the business of life, you will forget some of the pretty things you saw while travelling. Pictures will immortalize these moments for you.
3. Walking around and taking public transpo will let you get the "feel" of how it is to actually live there.
4. Take your time to appreciate how pretty each place is. Don't just go to one place, take a quick picture, then off to the next place. Take it in. Savor in the moment. Don't rush! Soul-searching and self-realization often comes when you're relaxed and calm and at peace.
5. Take time to thank God for giving you the opportunity to see His magnificent creations! There's nobody like God and His amazing hands.

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