Saturday, March 3, 2012

Writer's block and wisdom teeth

I really really want to blog. I'd blog everyday if I could. It's just that, whenever I'm already in front of my computer, I suddenly get a severe case of writer's block! And that's totally uncool, ain't it? Even now, as I write this words, I'm still wondering what topic to talk about.

WARNING: The following paragraphs may be quite icky. You may now stop reading, if you please.

So I stayed home the whole day today. I just got my wisdom teeth (yes, teeth! because I had two of 'em removed at the same time) extracted yesterday and unlike my first wisdom tooth extraction surgery experience, I felt a great deal more pain this time-- not during the procedure, but last night. But also unlike the first time, my cheeks don't hurt when it's pressed. That's probably because the procedure yesterday was just like any regular extraction, which did not need any stitches.

I kept my teeth as a souvenir. It's still perfect. No pasta or decay. Honestly, sayang talaga. :( But my orthodontist said it needs to be removed so that I can use wrap-around retainers. If it was not removed, there'd be no space for wrapping. or something like that.

I showed my officemates my wisdom teeth, which is still bloody and fresh from my mouth. Some people thought it was icky while some are okay with it. I personally think it's cool! I never kept any of my extracted teeth before and I needed that in exchange for a wish (but in this case, wishES!) to the tooth fairy. LOL!

Kidding aside, it sure feels weird chewing with no upper wisdom teeth. I usually chew at the far end sides of my mouth and now it's got me weirded out to chew and feel my gums (try to) grind the food. This sure needs some getting used to.

Are you irked by all this talk? If you happen to get to this part, then I assume you're not or else you would have stopped reading this post paragraphs ago. :)

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