Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thinking about

I can't wait run off to an island, sunblock in hand, and just drink in the goodness and beauty of the world-- while sipping our favorite melon shake! 

Mon and I probably won't go on a honeymoon immediately after the wedding. But that doesn't stop me from searching for the perfect place to go for some fantastic couple time. If given time and moolah, my dream destination would be Europe. But Mon, being the laid-back person that he is, doesn't want to spend his honeymoon getting tired of touring famous cities. Instead, he wants a "real" honeymoon. Chillaxing in the beach, walking along the shore, eating seafood and sipping his favorite melon shake. I would have to agree that after all the stress and possible sleepless nights we might have preparing for our wedding, we owe it to ourselves to, probably for the first time in months, rest and be lazy and just dream about our future! Naks! I get kilig just thinking about it! So... beachin' it is! :)

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