Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bye, braces!

I've had braces since summer of '03. Yes, that was typed correctly. '03. Which means my mouth has been eating metal for almost 9 years already. The first two years or so, I was unreligious in having my braces adjusted because my dentist is in Dagupan. Why I never thought of getting a dentist in Manila in the first place is beyond me. I mean, what was I thinking???

Fast forward to September 2010, I finally got hit in the head and realized that if I even want this darn metal case out of my mouth soon, kailangan ko na talagang karirin! So I transferred to a dentist based in Manila.

One impacted third molar surgery, one operculectomy, two fully erupted extractions of third molars, and less than two years later, I'm done!

Papa John's, UM
Meet my dentist.

She is Dra. Raquel A. Uy of Glamorous Smile Dental Clinic. She was the orthodontist of a very close friend of mine and that's how I met her. I only have nice things to say about her. She is very skilled in her work, she is friendly, and she encourages her patients to ask questions! When she explains things, she uses layman's terms para talagang klaro ang lahat. She's very approachable and welcoming and you'll never be afraid to tell her your concerns. I think you'll agree when I say that we'd all want a person like that to handle our oral hygiene. Yes?

Plus point: she texts the patient herself the night before your scheduled meeting to confirm your appointment the next day. She also makes it a point to inform her patients of her scheduled vacations and unavailabilities so there won't be any surprises.

We got a bit senti during our last meeting. We got used to seeing each other once a month that it's a tad bit sad we won't be seeing each other much anymore. As a Smart employee, we are entitled to good dental benefits at work (free cleaning, pasta, extractions, surgery), so all my other oral concerns are handled by the corporate dentist, Dr. Perez (who is, by the way, a very good dentist too!).

Anyway, I am just glad to be free of metal brackets for now! I know, I know, may retainers pa. But at least that's removable! And after two years, my teeth will finally be completely free! :)

Racquel Uy, DMD
Glamorous Smile Dental Clinic
Kabignayan St. cor. Banawe St.,
Quezon City

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