Saturday, July 30, 2011


I arrived at his house at past 10 in the morning today. Mon's Dad had already left so I made my way upstairs to his bedroom. He was still sleeping soundly, hugging his body pillow tightly. I jumped into the bed with him, carefully picked his finger, silently sizing it up. Would it even fit? I thought. Should I have gotten the bigger one? Anyway, I don't want to spend a whole month agonizing over the thought, I want to know now. So I got the tiny box from my bag, and placed it under the bed.

He started. And next thing I know, his eyes were fluttering open. Heeeeyyy!! I greeted him good morning, hugging him tight. He smiled and hugged me back. He's in a good mood! I thought. This is what I get from not waking him up early. I guess, now is a good time as any to say what I'm about to say.

My dear, I love you. Will you marry me? I asked.
He smiled and continued to hug me tight. (He thought I was joking)
Heeeyyy, why are you not answering??? I said.
Coz I have no ring. He said. (He meant he has no ring to give me yet)
Oh, but I do! I said, presenting him my gift wrapped in a purple Charriol gift paper tied with a pretty, pretty bow.
Hmm?? He sounded surprised.

He smiled sheepishly as he carefully removed the wrapper off ever so slowly, careful not to tear the paper. He sat up and as he put on the ring (it's a perfect fit!), I heard the sweetest words ever spoken to me: Yes, I will marry you, anytime, anywhere!


So yes, I proposed to him first. Partly because I really really want to spend the rest of my life with him and partly because I was challenged that he didn't believe that I can do it! Hah!

Although it was a bit (well ok, a lot!) unconventional for a girl to propose to a guy, let me just say that (1), Mon and I have been talking about getting married for a while now and have actually begun preparing for the future, and (2), there is nothing conventional about our relationship! The truth is, all this engagement stuff is just formality because duh, we already know that we want to be married to each other. There's no reason beating around the bush or in Filipino terms, playing pakipot.

I actually don't need a diamond ring to represent a formal agreement to future marriage. At the onset, it has always been clear to us where our relationship will go. We are committed to this relationship and to each other. There's no Plan B. Buuuuttt even if i don't need it, I'm freeing up my ring finger, just in case. ;)

I'm wearing my ring in my middle finger
The change of status in Facebook caused quite a stir! And I think people might somewhat be expecting differently. But Mon and I want to make this clear to everyone. Yes, we are engaged!

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