Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It all ends

I was in first year college when my cousin from Canada introduced Harry Potter to me. I remember reading the first few pages and wasn't really interested in it because I thought it was a senseless children's book. After some time, my friend Lia told me that she had read a good book and that if I wanted to, she'd let me borrow it. Surprise surprise! It was Harry Potter! Again! So I finally gave in to curiosity and read!

It was amazing! I got so hooked that I borrowed the second and third book after I read the first one. Grabe talaga. It's the kind of book you can't put down once you've got your momentum going. I waited impatiently for the fourth book to be published and when it did, I devoured the pages like a hungry lion. It just kept on getting better and better!

Then the movie came in 2001. I swear, I watched the movie three times in the cinema! I already forgot who I was with when I watched it but I remember volunteering to accompany any one of my friends who wants to see it. Adik much???

Then came the second movie, the fifth book, the third movie, the sixth book, the fourth movie, the fifth movie, the seventh book, the sixth movie, the seventh movie part 1... and finally tomorrow, the last movie of the series, the seventh movie part 2. It is finally time to say good-bye.

I immensely enjoyed Harry Potter, both the books and the movies. And though there is nothing more to look forward to after tomorrow, the story of Harry Potter will always live on.

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