Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diary of a frustrated gymnast

every summer when i was child, i used to beg my mom to let me take summer lessons. i was always the athletic type so i usually choose physically challenging sports such as karate and gymnastics. my parents are risk-averse. therefore, as expected, they didn't let me take up those sports. they contented themselves in letting me take piano lessons, which i really hate!

between karate and gymnastics, i am more inclined to do gymnastics. karate, even if it's a more practical sport (because i can use it for self-defense), renders it inevitable for me to feel pain, what with the sparring and all that. though i can't say that i have a low tolerance for pain, i wouldn't subject myself to regular butt-kicking activities. gymnastics, on the other hand, is a sport i love dearly. my interest in it dates back to my early childhood days, when my playmates-neighbors and i would play and play and play on the street at the back of our house. my playmate, anne-anne, would teach me how to do cartwheels, handstands and spiderwalks.

at the latter part of my childhood, i became interested in watching gymnastics on espn and other sports channels. my favorites were shannon miller and dominique moceanu. here are video clips of their routines at the 1996 Olympics.

another gymnast who i look up to (sobra!) is nadia comaneci. nadia is waaay ahead of my time, sometime in 1970s i think, but she's super famous coz she's the first to get a perfect 10 in the history of gymnastics. watch her and be awed!

i never became a gymnast. my parents always tell me to stop whenever they see me doing handstands or perfecting my cartwheels. they were afraid i might fall or break my bones or something so i eventually stopped doing it.

my passion for gymnastics was rekindled last week when i attended gymnastics training for a cheerdance competition. i remembered how much i loved gymnastics and how much wanted to learn. at 27, i am not as brave as when i was 12. oh but it feels so good to be able to hear support and instructions for improvement (thanks coach jeff!) instead of annoying begs to discontinue. 

it's not much. but to me, it is another childhood dream come true.

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