Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around the world

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong - May 2006

The best and worst of Beijing (as per my experience):
1. the architecture. as in you can really see ancient chinese structures there. the great wall, tiananmen square, and forbidden city. :)
2. conquering the great wall! :)
3. bargaining items at silk street. items originally priced as 50 yuan, you can get it for 5! :)
4. some tambays or taxi drivers can be really really rude. :(
5. chinese food tastes better in the philippines. :(

The best and worst of Shanghai (as per my experience):
1. the architecture. everything about shanghai spells modern! :)
2. walking down nanjing road at night. :)
3. like in beijing, some tambays can be rude. :(

The best of hong kong (as per my experience):
1. shopping! :)
2. disneyland and fireworks! :)
3. shopping!! :)

Goldcoast, Melbourne, Sydney - March 2008

Our first day at Goldcoast. We weren't able to visit the beach because we only had limited time. Spent the day at Seaworld instead.

Next day, we were at Warner Bros. Movieworld.

On the islands and streets of Melbourne

Sovereign hill and the Yarra river

Sydney and the Blue Mountains

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