Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the year post

It's another year. Another year of happiness and sadness, of highs and lows, of learnings and realizations. So much has happened and yet, I feel like life has only begun.

For the most part of the year, I was happy. I was busy fixing broken relationships, creating new ones, asserting my independence, exploring the world...

I'm not going to make this entry dramatic. Instead, i'll make a run down of the important things that occurred during the year.

Fixing broken relationships. Last year was a very trying year for me. Some things happened that caused my relationships with some people to backslide. It took great courage and patience and understanding to correct every mistake. In the end, all were for the better. Though I can't say that things are perfect now, I can at least say that things definitely improved.

Creating new ones. May 29, 2010 will forever be a memorable date for me. It is the date when Mon and I officially got together. Seven months later, I am still head over heels in love! He gives me reasons to love him each day.

But of course, my relationship with him is not the only relationship I am thankful for. I am also grateful for my strengthened friendships with other people. To my high school friends, college friends, IA friends, and other friends in between.. thank you, thank you very much for your continuous loyalty.

Asserting my independence. This is by far my greatest achievement for the year. Ever since an incident which i'd rather not talk about, I exerted all my efforts in asserting my independence. I am, after all, 27. I'm mature enough up to know what's good for me. And so last October, I packed my bags and moved out of my sister's house. I couldn't be any happier.

Exploring the world. I've always wanted to go out and see the world. This year was a year of exploration. My travel plans at the start of the year was limited to 1 international and 1 domestic trip only but because of Cebu Pac's wicked seat sales, it turned out that I was able to go on 2 international trips (SG-KL) , and 3 domestic trips (Sagada, Boracay, and CDO).

After all the touring and the exploring though, I honestly feel that I had enough of the "roughing it" activities like caving and rafting and just stick to the ordinary city/country tour and beaches next time.

Happy new year, everyone! I hope your year was as productive as mine. And if not, we still have 2011!

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