Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boracay 2010

Mon and I went to Boracay last October to, well, do nothing really. We just wanted to go some place where we can bond and talk and have fun.

What did we do in Boracay? Well, aside from the walking and the talking and the eating, we also did these:

Island Hopping
Reef walking
ATV driving
Henna tats!
Sunset viewing while sipping fresh fruit shake from Jonah's
Jump shot!
The first and last time anyone will see me in a bikini. It's Bora, after all. Haha!
Sun bathing

We did all those in just three days. We had a different name for each day. Our first day we called CHILL day, the second, THE day, and the third, SUN day.

Just to make sense of the names (masabi lang na may explanation), we named those days based on what we planned to do for that particular day. Like for CHILL day, we did just that. Chilled. walked, talked, rested, explored the place. Then for THE day, we crammed all the physical activities like island hopping and ATV driving. SUN day was when we swam and took pictures under the scorching heat of the sun. That explains our dark-ish skin when we got back. Did I mention that the country was in the middle of a typhoon that time? Good thing the sun was very nice to us and it let us enjoy the day in peace.

Of course, this entry won't be complete without sharing where and what we ate.

Room service. It rained on our first night so we weren't able to go out
Breakfast at Willy's Beach Club
Andok's Chicken. (with free entertainment c/o the restaurant's staff)
To sum it all up, the trip was nothing short of perfect. We were able to do exactly what we wanted to do which is to have loads of fun!

As I end, some random photos.

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